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  • Again Ram Navami Festival attacked by Radical Islamists : Stone Pelting Ruckus

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    On 30th March,23 : The joyous festival of the birth of the Hindu God: Ram was being celebrated when brutal blatant attacks by radical Islamists were carried out in various states like Gujarat, Maharashtra, West Bengal etc.

    Video pieces of evidence of stone pelting on peaceful Hindu processions were seen and a targeted mindset came to light. In the process,innocent children, women and men were badly injured as a result of this Hinduphobia .

    Also, multiple Ram Navami Processions in Vadodara, Gujarat & Howrah, West Bengal were attacked by stone pelters.



    Vehicles set on fire during clashes at Kajipara in Howrah district, Thursday. 

    Though violence during Hindu Festivals has become a common sadistic reality but this behaviour of the radicals is somehow rooted to their intolerance & of a ritual called “Rami-ul-Jamarat” that means “Stoning the Devil” .

    Later on arrests have been made by the Police in the different states and assurances of strict actions against perpetrators have been promised.


    But in ground reality, the victims claim a different picture where Hindus were instead lathi-charged.

    Overall, this spree of attacks on Hindu festivals may create alarming disharmony if the stakeholders don’t find an unbiased and peaceful resolution in restoring the social fabric of Bharat soon.

    ಕೃಪೆ: http://janpeace.com

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