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Sex Jihad: Aftab Poonawalla Kills Live-in Partner Shraddha, Cuts Her Body in 35 Pieces, Dumps it Across Delhi

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For all uber ‘secular modern’ Hindu women who think sex jihad is a figment of imagination of Hindu alarmists, this story should serve as a wakeup call. An extremely grisly shuddering and gory case of murder came to light today in Delhi which would leave any civilized person speechless, with exception of jihad apologists.

It is horrifyingly unimaginable that someone would cold bloodedly cut up their own lover into 35 pieces, stock it up in a refrigerator and later dump the pieces of the body in various parts of Delhi over a period of two weeks.

Shraddha, a 26 year old young woman hailing from Maharashtrai fell in love with a Muslim colleague named Aftab Ameen Poonawalla while working at a call centre in Mumbai. When Shraddha’s parents objected to their relationship, she eloped with Aftab and moved to Delhi perhaps thinking like all naive ‘secular’ fashionable Hindu girls, that ‘Mera Abdul Aisa Nahi Hain’ and her parents were being regressive by opposing their “interfaith love affair”.

According to reports, Aftab strangled Shraddha on May 18th this year over an argument they had over him trying to be slippery whenever Shraddha would raise the question of getting married as live-in relationships have no legal sanctity. It seems that both of them suspected each other of cheating in love and Shraddha felt suspicious and angry over Aftab’s lack of commitment for a serious relationship culminating in marriage. Perhaps Atab’s idea of “love” was to exploit young modern Hindu women and live without any strings attached and responsibility; later marry someone from his own community who is buried in Burkha from head to toe as Shraddha perhaps did not quite fit into his Islamic upbringing.


Shraddha’s parents hailing from Palghar in Maharashtra, were very worried when they found that not only has she been not answering their calls but also not posting any new pictures on her Facebook account for a very long time. Her parents then came over to Delhi after tracing her Delhi address in Mehrauli in November first week. When they found the house locked with no trace of their daughter and her lover Aftab, they lodged a missing complaint with the Delhi Police on November 8th. The police traced Aftab and picked him up for questioning. He first derailed them by making all kinds of excuses for Shraddha’s disappearance. Soon he confessed to the Police about smothering and strangling Shraddha six months back on May 18th.

The utterly devilish and demonic behaviour of Aftab chopping his own ‘lover’ into 35 pieces and buying a new refrigerator to stuff the body pieces inside, to avoid any odour alerting the neighbours, and everyday for the next 18 days take out body pieces in batches in a plastic bag at 2 am in the night to dispose it in various parts in Delhi, specially the Mehrauli Chattarpur forest area of Delhi. It is quite obvious that the body parts would have been consumed by wild animals and dogs in the Mehrauli Chattarpur forest area. 

The Delhi Police arrested Aftab on Saturday, 11th November and have been taking him over to various places wherever he disposed off Shraddha’s body parts.

This incident would be devastating and heartbreaking for Shraddha’s parents on not only losing the daughter they deeply loved and nourished to get her best of education and make her a confident young woman, but also seeing her get mutilated and dismembered into many pieces like chicken or lamb in death. The worst part is losing their daughter to a well-designed pattern of becoming a prey to Sex Jihad, where Hindu women are lured into love-like relationships with sexual relationships only to end up unfailingly in body bags.


Delhi Police needs to ensure that Aftab gives his confessional statements before a Judicial Magistrate as confessions in police custody are legally inadmissible unless it can be corroborated with incontrovertible evidence. In light of recent judgement of Supreme Court acquitting and setting free three men convicted with death penalty awarded by the Delhi High Court for abducting, gang-raping and murdering a young teenage girl from Delhi’s Chhawla area by pouring acid in her eyes and inserting broken liquor bottle pieces in private parts, for want of ‘incontrovertible evidence’, it would be difficult to get a death penalty for Aftab for murdering and cutting to 35 pieces his Muslim live-in partner without the crime being even detected for six months. It would be quite a tall order for the parents of Shraddha to get a semblance of  justice from a very bad justice delivery system in India.

With increasing cases of so-called interfaith relationships, where the females targeted for such feigned love like relationship is invariably a Hindu and the hunting males are always Muslims, Hindu parents need to make their children aware about organised and ‘lone wolf’ Sex Jihad and Grooming Jihad operations, so that the girls can avoid becoming body bags or Tundey pieces stored in refrigerators to be eaten up by wild animals in forest. 

This case certainly scores the highest in the ghastliest murder Delhi has ever seen for a long time since the Tandoor murder case of 1995 and the more recent Chhawla and Nirbhaya cases in 2012. This case is far worse as Aftab had almost got away with the most demonic crime, given that no one had any inkling about it for six months. It also speaks volumes on the way women can be made to easily disappear in Delhi without even a trace in the midst of over 20 million population.  


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