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  • Prominent MNCs and NGOs Pushing “Woke Culture”

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    Multinational corporations (MNCs), UK Consulates and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Hyderabad are increasingly pushing “woke culture” among the youth under the LGBTQ+ banner.

    In June, several renowned US-based MNCs such as Amazon, P&G, and Factset companies invited Supriyo Chakraborty, a petitioner in the Supreme Court advocating for the legalization of gay marriages, to participate in interactive sessions with their employees. These sessions were framed to serve as a subtle way to promote woke culture, reframing it as a form of diverse inclusion rather than a deviation from traditional norms.



    Astitvam Foundation, an NGOs based in Hyderabad is also taking significant strides in promoting LGBTQ+. They conducted events like Queer Art Competition Exhibition, drawing prominent names from the field of art and activism. Notable participants include Manasa Yendluri, recipient of the prestigious Kendra Sahitya Academy Yuva Puraskar in 2022, Padmaja Konisetti, Head of Press Communications at the British Deputy High Commission in Hyderabad and several others.

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    Another influential activist from Telangana is Rachana Mudraboyina, who serves as a board member of the Telangana State Transgender Welfare Board. Mudraboyina is affiliated with several national and international organizations. She also holds core membership positions in the National Legal Services Authority (NALSA) and at National Council of Churches in India. These affiliations provide further influence and reach for promoting woke culture.

    Initially, these kinds of events may go unnoticed from public gaze, but they have an agenda to normalise woke culture. It is evidently clear that this ideology can have adverse effects on society and the family units. Individuals, particularly youth, who get attracted towards this tend to prioritize certain beliefs and perspectives while dismissing opposing or different viewpoints. They tend to avoid open debates, critical thinking, and free exchange of ideas. If these people are pushed to engage with different viewpoints, this woke culture gets into victimhood narrative mode, perceiving primarily as victims of systemic oppression.

    This woke culture promotes an “all-or-nothing” mentality, where even minor deviations from the accepted narrative are seen as unacceptable and may lead to serious trouble in the younger generation.

    This intervention can be seen as a continuation of the “White-man’s burden” philosophy, where global entities attempt to civilize and reshape societies according to their own values. This raises concerns about the erosion of cultural values and the imposition of foreign ideologies on local populations.

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