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  • “India will see ‘Genocide’ in 2023 during BJP regime”, predicts Hyderabad Pastor citing ‘Exclusive American Secret Report’

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    A pastor’s speech citing the ‘American Secret Report’ has terrified people who gathered for new year celebrations. Pastor Kuntam Edward Williams addressed the gatherings during the New Year event held by Bethel Church in Mushirabad, Hyderabad, in which he made serious allegations against the BJP-led Union Government that terrified the people there. “According to the American top secret agency report available to him, in 2023, there will be religious attacks and genocide in India and lakhs of Christians will be killed”, he said. Comparing Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah with Nebuchadnezzar called it their ‘Duty assigned by God’ to hate Christians.

    He made extreme comments saying that the BJP government at the centre will create ‘genocide’ in 2023 and lakhs of Christians will be killed by stab wounds and gunshots in that horrific massacre.

    Citing the example of German dictator Hitler’s massacre of Jews,  Pastor Kuntam Edward Williams said that the same thing is going to happen in India in 2023. Referring to the people who attended the church event and pointed it out at them, he said that almost half of them will not be seen in 2024, and they will die by stabbing, shooting and beating without seeing the new year 2024.

    He also said that India ranks 8th in terms of Persecution in the world, beyond Saudi Arabia and Syria. While the whole world is looking at India, the ruling BJP is planning to separate Hyderabad from Telangana and make Hyderabad a union territory to steal the revenue generated from that city. He said this is a beautiful opportunity for the Christians of India to become a hero or zero.

    Controversial statements made by Pastor Kuntam Edward Williams are causing an uproar on social media.

    The full video of Taluk’s speech during the New Year event organized at the Mennonite Brethren Bethal Church in Mushirabad, Hyderabad, has recently been uploaded by the church on YouTube on 1 Jan 2023.

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    As per the available information, Pastor Kuntam Edward Williams joined the Union of Evangelical Students of India as a student counsellor in 1990 and ministered to students in many universities and colleges for ten years. He then was the State Secretary of Andhra Pradesh until 2006. He conducted seminars in prestigious institutes like IIT Bombay, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Gundy, IISC Bangalore, JNU Delhi, Central University Pondicherry, JIPMER Pondicherry and CMC Vellore.

    It is also learnt that Pastor Kuntam Edward Williams is trained as an apologist at Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM), founded by the late Frederick Antony Ravi Kumar Zacharias, an Indian-born Canadian-American Christian evangelical minister and apologist. There were severe sexual abuse allegations levelled against Frederick Antony Ravi Kumar Zacharias by multiple women that he had engaged in habitual sexual misconduct and/or abuse. Ruth Malhotra, a former member of RZIM, claims that suspicions regarding Zacharias’ behaviour had existed during his lifetime but that RZIM employees were not allowed to investigate.

    Pastor Kuntam Edward Williams has been the host of Nireekshana television since 2000, which was sponsored by CBN Multimedia Pvt Ltd and is aired on TV9 every Sunday evening at 5.30. He is also the blogger and interactive web manager for an IPTV called “tipritv’ which reaches the diaspora Indians.

    ಕೃಪೆ: http://nijamtoday.com

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