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  • TN Police Intel Head Davidson Has Links With Christian Missionary Groups And Working For Promoting One Religion, BJP Leader Annamalai Says

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    In an interview to senior journalist Rangaraj Pandey, Tamil Nadu BJP President K. Annamalai alleged that Additional Director General of Police (Intelligence) Davidson Devasirvatham has close links with Christian Missionary groups and is working with an agenda of promoting a particular religion in the southern part of the state.

    Annamalai said that after the DMK government came to power, an agenda has been given to fill posts of Deputy Superintendent of Police and above ranks with a particular community.

    “The chief of the intelligence department, ADGP, who goes by the name you mentioned.. he has got a single point agenda to promote something in south Tamil Nadu. He clearly has links with missionary groups. He wants such officers in sensitive posts and is handpicking them. They are the ones being placed in power. Be it the Thanjavur Lavanya suicide, or the incident exposed by CNN News 18 where Bible was distributed to children in schools, all of this is an operation run by the Tamil Nadu [police] intelligence department. I am making an open observation. Let them deny it.” Annamalai said.

    When asked if such statements won’t cause divisive mindset among the police force, he said that no Christian will take it wrongly when missionary activities are called out.

    “If someone sitting in power works for promoting one’s own religion keeping that as the single point agenda, and is adamant about it, then it is problematic and I am going to call them out openly. I have no fear.”, the BJP Tamil Nadu chief said.

    He also cited the ‘Fake Passport Scam’ in which over 200 passports are believed to have been issued from Madurai to ineligible persons during Davidson Devasirvatham’s stint as the city’s Police Commissioner.

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    “The High Court may have given the judgement but he cannot escape for a long time. Out of the passports issued, what is the percentage of Christian applicants? You should do a special story. If you want, I will give you the data. Is it not more than 74%?”, he said.

    “Who ran the passport agency? Whose wife ran the private passport agency in Chennai? After the issue broke out, who closed that agency? Whose wife is that? Let the media find out. Why should Annamalai reveal all the information? Ask which IPS officer’s wife was that.” Annamalai said implying that it was Davidson’s wife.

    Annamalai also accused Davidson Devasirvatham of destroying evidence when he was the Madurai Police Commissioner.

    He also called the recent Coimbatore Blasts as a failure of state intelligence and accused the DMK government of indulging in minority appeasement politics by not calling it a terror attack despite prima facie evidence pointing towards the same.


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